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The inspiring story of Seth

Children with disabilities are especially at a disadvantage when it comes to enrolling and completing school. This is especially acute in Sub-Saharan Africa. (World Bank report on The Challenge of Inclusive Education in Sub-Saharan Africa, 2018)


The more prevalent situation in African countries is largely due lack of infrastructure, myths regarding disability and the unequal attention children with disabilities receive from the government.


Education systems in many African countries also lack the required learning tools that aids impacting knowledge and skills to these children. The knowledge and skill which will be imperative in making them independent and contribute meaningful to society.


Research indicates that only one half of children with disabilities at primary school completion age can actually read and write, and only one in four complete secondary school.


The above situation is even worse when the disabled child lives in deprived communities like Seth, who has a hearing disability living in Terchire, a small Ghanaian community in the Ahafo region. The parents who are peasant migrant farmers from the Northern part of the country could not fund Seth to the school for the deaf and rather enrolled the boy into a mainstream public primary school that does not have any aid to assist the student to make up for his disability in class. Teachers in the school are not specially trained to handle such a student.


There are  millions of children all over Africa with similar disabilities like Seth and have been relegated to the background in terms of education which would have served as a platform for them to exhibit their special talents in various fields of work like Stevie Wonder (musician), RJ Mitte (actor) among others.


Providing these children with access to special schools that has the requisite tools, equipment, well-trained facilitators/teachers and supporting staff help these children to change the course of their life for good.


Hope & Salvation will be funding Seth’s complete Basic Education including training in sign language. Our ambassador, Patrick Opoku, has met the family and initiated procedures to make Seth a star of the future. We will continue to share the story of Seth and his progress on our platforms.


Kindly contact us to contribute to this project.

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