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Support for families of  children with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 has allowed Hope & Salvation to 'do little things with great love'.

We have collaborated to donate soap, sanitizers, veronica buckets, washing bowls, toilet paper, and other sanitary items in Ghana and Zimbabwe, serving marginalized families. 

We will continue to do this until we have conquered the virus. We wish to thank everyone who has donated. 

The launch of WHO Foundation in May 2020 set up goals on a global level to  promote health, keep the world safe and serve the vulnerable. Whilst this is a tremendous step into ensuring Global health access and the well-being of populations, it is also a reminder of the hierarchy created where the vulnerable children with a disability can and have often been unheard.

Hope & Salvation stand to advocate for their needs and rights when it comes to ring fencing any disability funding. We will also not be myopic regarding post-Covid-19 and what the 'new normal’ might mean. For persons with a disability and their households, it is a long road to recovery, returning to their vending, farming of their abandoned crops and for some  the mundane tasks of building their customer bases again.

Hope & Salvation alongside other nonprofits are preparing to pick up where the emergency Government funds have stopped coming. We are working with families to empower, train and support them in starting a trade, where they can self sustain, make an income and not rely on handouts. We are involved in getting children into education by paying their school fees, and for some children with highly complex needs helping them to source assisted devices.

We are intensifying our efforts to give relief to these families amidst the current pandemic. You could join us too. Contact us to collaborate or make a kind donation now.

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