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We seek, with our partners, to develop more sustainable projects that will change the status quo

Upcoming projects


August, 2020, Kpando - Ghana

Every child matters

Kids Playing with Chalk

An initiative to train carers,  caregivers, school staff, NGO staff in matters relating to  disabilities, safeguarding, children’s rights, speech and language therapy.

Capacity Building

Including the family


In the project, we create support groups for families with a child with a disability. Introduce befriender schemes among family groups. Psychotherapy sessions for parents and caregivers.

Parental Support

Give them Education

African Child

By sponsoring a child, we are enabling a child with disability to be in school like any other child of the same age or gender. Their education will be tailor made to focus on enhancing their inherent skills and attributes. 

Sponsor a Child

Make them smile too

Winter Clothing Gifts

Regift for a child with a disability and their family. Every gift is a life line and greatly appreciated so we may reach households. In the spirit of our mantra - ‘Doing small things with great love’


"Yes I am"


Initiative to harness the abilities, talents, interests of children with a disability. Use of  music, dance or drama or art, cooking, gardening as therapy.  Hold sessions in schools, hospitals and  community for children with a disability and showcase their uniqueness.

"I am ME"

Time to build

Building Exterior

Building of a Centre for children with disabilities in rural Zimbabwe. This is a purpose built centre that will host,  space to interact with other peers of the same age ( with or without disabilities), sensory room, sports facility, outdoor play areas, gardening, a theatre space etc.

Building Project

Donating Money

You could get involved by donating safely online.


We adopt a social and human rights approach to enable children with disabilities.


Our model, projects, and ideas are driven by the strong partnerships we have. You could become a partner too.

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