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  • Esther Owusu Boateng

To the child with a disability: YOUR DREAMS ARE VALID

"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree, it will live it's whole life believing that it is stupid"...(Albert Einstein)

The creator in His infinite wisdom has designed our purposes to fit into His great plan for mankind. The validity of a dream is not dependent on our origin, location, abilities, disabilities, gender, race, social status, connectivity and many more but the WILLINGNESS to pursue it. All the advancement in the various sectors of human endeavors that we are currently experiencing in Science and Technology, communication, transport, health and others, were once thought to be impossible and unachievable.

Our present conditions do not determine our future.

Poverty did not stop Howard Schultz.

(Famous for making coffee chain Starbucks)

Autism spectrum disorder did not stop Albert Einstein.

(Theoretical physicist)

Homelessness did not stop David Murdock

(Chairman of privately - held Dole Food Products and Castle& Cooke)

Being an orphaned did not stop Mohed Altrad

(EY World Entrepreneur of the year 2015 & president of Montpelier rugby club)

All these individuals and many more have changed lives, influenced people to live and keep dreaming for a better world. You may need years to fulfill your dream but humanity will live centuries to utilize, appreciate and admire the beauty of your dream. (Esther O. Boateng)

Dreams are the real world that exist in our hearts and can only be manifested by a positive thinking and attitude. Rise above the raging storms that hit you hard, reject the negative thoughts that discourage your inner man, hold firmly unto the anchor that never fails, persevere, remain committed to the dream, have faith until you attain the goal.

Ludwig van Beethoven once said "There are no barriers for a person with talent and love towards work". Make good use of the gift of life God has given you regardless of the circumstances surrounding it. There is hope for the living. The conclusion of a matter is not the facts of its beginning but its end. Always remember that "those who make it in the future are those that overcome the past". The brightest of day unfolds after the darkest of night.


Esther Owusu Boateng

Passionate Writer and Scientist.


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