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Politics of Fear, Poverty and COVID-19

The guidelines from the WHO to use soap and hand sanitizers to ensure hand hygiene have proven to be effective during this global pandemic of COVID-19. Poverty levels in Africa are exponential and heath systems not very equipped for COVID-19. Families in most developing countries are not able to feed themselves let alone wash their hands.

Blessing is an orphan who lives with his grandparents in a rural area in Zimbabwe and is one of the many recipients of soap and sanitary products donated by Hope & Salvation in this war against COVID-19. During the visit to hand soap parcels, our volunteers found many family homes unclear about COVID-19 nor the guidelines set by the government.

Hope & Salvation volunteers were able to give brief advice and discuss the preventive measures and symptoms of COVID-19. Social distancing is compatible in households in the west, but what do you do when you live in a shanty town of 7 occupants and your neighbors are just short of 2 meters away from your own door.

Given the choice of social distancing and going to farm to get food or to go and fetch water in the borehole. What do you think they would do? Measures for some of the restrictions will require to be better communicated and should take into consideration the living conditions and capability within developing nations.

This is surely the time Africans should come together and assist each other in the fight against COVID-19.


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