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5 ways you can help children with disabilities this year

1. Donate some nice and colourful clothing to a child with a disability. You could pass it on to us as well through our reGift campaign.

2. These children want to have fun too. Take a child with special needs out to see a sports event or concert. Make their smiles even wider.

3. Crafting, Painting? Who doesn’t love making things more beautiful? Visit a school or home and be a hero for some of thee kids. Or, pass that love to us and we will deliver it.

4. Do you or someone you know love to bake? Organize a Hope Pie Day at work where you sell slices of delicious homemade pie and donate the proceeds to kids with disabilities! Not a baker yourself? Ask for help from friends or ask local bakeries to donate to your Hope Pie Day event. We could help set it up. Just reach out. Send us a message right here.

5. Or do this throughout the year. Become a partner and give some cents monthly. Use this link


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