We are diverse enthusiasts including health professionals, social workers, teachers and volunteers committed to changing the narrative  of children with disabilities in Africa.



“A stitch in time saves nine” - an adage I persistently heard from my parents and elder sister when growing up. To me, they simply communicated to me how important it is to get things then earlier in order to achieve the best results. In a health or developmental sense, it means getting children the support they need as soon as possible to help them live the fullest life they can. In children, every stress or undesired emotional experience could have substantial effects on the functioning of their brain and that is how I see disabilities. Not all of them are clearly visible. Not all of them come with stunting, wheelchairs or hearing aids. 


I am Sherifa Yakubu, a young woman, children-with-disabilities activist and an aspiring fashion designer from Ghana. I believe the experiences that life has taught me, my passion, and  eagerness can contribute to making the lives of these children better.


Volunteers assist in the day-to-day management of our organization and for our social media campaigns. 

Ambassadors promote, support and uphold Hope & Salvation’s mission.

Our model, projects, and ideas are driven by the strong partnerships we have. You could become a partner too.