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Rays of Hope In A Broken Pot

In the midst of pandemonium and despair, man is pushed to his limits and is willing to give up all that he has JUST TO LIVE. Wealth, fame, politics, social influence, and key contacts never matter nor can prevent death when it knocks.

Humanity had almost lost its sense of direction and purpose in life. We had made one another the enemy, engaged in needless battles and wars, only to glory over doing the most destruction and damage to our fellow man. In the end, we watch helplessly as our TRUE ENEMY visits us and our loved ones are being sent to the land of no return. Separation by death is a very painful experience. LOVE must be the driving force of our every action towards one another. It is the purest light that rescues and makes us overcome all life's troubles.

COVID-19 is an enemy with no mercy and has the potential to wipe out a majority of the entire human race. Sadly, those who have fully recovered from the virus are stigmatized in certain parts of our world which is quite unfortunate. These are VICTORS who should be shown much love and reintegrated into our societies. STIGMATIZATION in all forms is cancerous and must be condemned in it's severest terms.

The important prerequisites in dealing with these trying times to me have been:

  1. discipline and perseverance to maintain a high standard of personal hygiene;

  2. acquiring more knowledge about human health and the environment;

  3. offering more of my intellect and love to humanity; and

  4. praying and trusting more in GOD the creator and supreme ruler of the entire universe.

COVID-19 is not discriminatory, we are all at risk irrespective of our colour, race and physical appearance.

To the disabled child, indeed disability is not an inability!

Photo credit: Reuters

You may have a physical defect but that does not rob you of your God given gifts and talents. Deep inside you are jewels that are required for the growth and development of humanity. Don't keep them hidden. Let them shine!

A lot of disabled individuals like Stephen Hawkings (physicists), John Hockenberry (Journalist and author), Marlee Matlin (Actress), Tom Cruise (Famous movie actor), Stevie Wonder (Singer and pianist) and many more have changed the course of history and influenced generations positively. You are strong and keep proving it. Parents and caregivers should support these loving children to keep a balanced diet, maintain good personal hygiene as any other individual would do and adhere to all the laid down protocols to stay safe. This darkness (COVID-19) too shall pass and we shall be free again.

A CYNIC knows the price of everything but the value of none. We are more valuable than all the material things that life offers. Life is the greatest asset of all.

Let us love one another and fulfill the law of God.

Esther Owusu Boateng

Passionate Writer and Scientist.


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