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#InspirationBoard: the story of Pearl

The current COVID-19 pandemic has taught me that, life is precious.

All the material things are vanity.... sadly, they’ll all perish. It is an important time to embrace love and live at peace with our neighbours. We need to love one another and be kind.

It is a time to forget about racism, tribalism, nepotism, to say no to the many things that makes you feel someone is inferior. Being it gender, colour, social class, religion or tribe.

This is the time to forget hatred...but rather love our enemies and be good to them though difficult.

During this period, I have understood even more the importance of having a stable source of income as that has not been my case. Just a week before the pandemic hit it's heights, I attended interviews and hoped for positive responses but unexpectedly, I couldn't land these jobs; partly due to the current pandemic. I still have hope and keep on pressing that I shall stand fully on my feet again.

At the moment, I spend most of my time at home with my family, And, I keep on using my limited contacts and online platforms to look for opportunities to do some work as a freelance journalist/ communicator.

To that child with a disability, though this tragic moments could make you sad and feel down, don't loose hope. We love you and you are always going to be in our prayers and thoughts.

Remember, disability is not inability! There are many diligent ways you could fight for your dreams and make sure your press for that. Coronavirus disease could affect anyone so the families and caregivers of these children should cautious and more careful during this period.

I entreat all to help children with special needs during this period. Your little support could go a long way to make a difference in the lives of these children. God bless these children and bless you more for supporting this course.

Pearl Naa Ashong

PR Practitioner and Motivational Speaker, Accra, Ghana

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