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We are diverse enthusiasts including health professionals, social workers, teachers and volunteers committed to changing the narrative  of children with disabilities in Africa.

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Volunteers Manager

In 2005, I dislocated my elbow and I had to be out of school for a month to heal. After a month, the bandage was removed from my arms and I realized my arms could never be the same again. With tears I informed my parents about my decision to stop school. Why? Because, I realized I couldn’t stand the trauma of being mocked at just like they did to my friend who had lost her leg due to an accident.


The encouragement I received from my parents transformed the pain in my heart into determination. Determination, compassion and strength. Determination to encourage children with disabilities, determination to help them have equal access  and determination to contribute my quota to helping children with disabilities achieve their aims and aspirations because "Children with disabilities are like butterflies with a broken wing. They are just as beautiful as all others,but they need help to spread their wings.” 



Volunteers assist in the day-to-day management of our organization and for our social media campaigns. 

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Ambassadors promote, support and uphold Hope & Salvation’s mission.


Our model, projects, and ideas are driven by the strong partnerships we have. You could become a partner too.

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