We are diverse enthusiasts including health professionals, social workers, teachers and volunteers committed to changing the narrative  of children with disabilities in Africa.



In 2014, I met a handsome child with down syndrome at a family reunion and instantly fell in love with him. I loved his sense of humor, the way he smiled at everyone; he was so free-spirited and very kind.

This was the genesis of my passion for children with disability. My interest keenly grew and promised myself solemnly to one day start an NGO or be part of one to champion the cause for children with disability as I see them to be so special.

Also, my younger sister has a disability which has stunted her social development. It was very challenging for my parents and the family especially during her childhood years. This disability has affected her intellectual abilities and it makes me think and wonder how best I can help her to be independent in the future.

But one thing I surely know is that disability is not inability. I believe children with special needs are highly talented and when given the necessary attention and encouragement, they could do exploits. I joined Hope & Salvation to support the many children like this to realize their potential.


Volunteers assist in the day-to-day management of our organization and for our social media campaigns. 

Ambassadors promote, support and uphold Hope & Salvation’s mission.

Our model, projects, and ideas are driven by the strong partnerships we have. You could become a partner too.