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How Dare! By Soneni Gwizi

How dare you call them appliances, aids, sticks & tools?

We call them crutches, wheelchairs & calipers

They are feet, ears & hands that provide mobility

These are limbs that make a person function well

Words like sticks and tool take away dignity

How dare you undermine her and judge her ability

You make a decision that she should & must have a hysterectomy!

Be sterilized & have an abortion without her consent

Do you not know that it is her right to make that choice to have a child?

A choice based on her rights as a human…

Could it be that her dream is to have children?

Now you are taking away that dream

You have made the decisions because she is a women with a disability?

Shame on you society!

You value your culture better than you respect a life of a person and her rights!

You cannot stand, having a woman with a disability with a child from your son

Is she not your daughter or your sister!

Where is your conscious?

Where is your belief in the right of a woman to freedom of life & choice?

To marry, have children, right to access family planning.

Right to sexual choice, education & to be herself!

Look beyond her disability & see a women

A women of value & purpose


Gwizi Soneni is an award-winning radio and TV presenter, disability adovate & proudly able TEDx Speaker. Follow her on twitter @GwiziSoneni


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