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Hope & Salvation Statement on COVID-19

The COVID-19 (coronavirus disease) pandemic is affecting the global village crucially. Many cities in the West and China have been badly hit triggering varying levels of international border regulations and mobility restrictions. African countries are beginning to experience what Europe and Asia have been battling for many weeks. The pandemic could be a real test for the health systems of countries in the region but we believe together we will overcome it.

In times like these, children with disabilities could be more vulnerable. Some of the conditions these children are suffering from render their immune systems weak and difficult to fight infections off. We recommend the government, families, carers and parents to assist these children in observing the recommended guidelines especially hand hygiene.

We will take this opportunity to commend and appreciate the World Health Organization, political leaders worldwide, the media and health workers who are at the frontline in the fight against this viral infection. We applaud your efforts and encourage you to remain safe, boost your immunity, get rest and stay positive.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we have decided to postpone our visit to Zimbabwe and all subsequent activities till further notice. We thank you for your understanding during this difficult time, however safety and wellbeing is our priority. Further updates about Hope & Salvation activities, events and programs will be provided as information comes to hand.

Please check our website and social media channels for these updates.

For more information about COVID-19 and ways to keep yourself and your family protected please visit our blog where we frequently share updates on the disease


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